Tree Bracing & Cabling

Tree Bracing & Cabling Service for the Trumbull, CT area

As apart of our tree services for the Trumbull, CT area, we offer tree bracing and cabling. Many trees are in good health, but they may have a poor structure. These are the types of trees that may benefit from cabling, bracing, or from the use of guy wires. We work tirelessly to save trees with poor structure and return them to optimal health and beauty. In some of these instances, removal may be the best option. 
In a situation where a crack appears, a brace may be needed along with the cables. A brace is used to strengthen a cracked area and to limit the crack's ability to spread further. In both situations, pruning to reduce weight in the areas of concern is usually recommended. Bracing is a necessary tree service if you want to prolong the life of your trees, prevent a structural disaster from occurring, and keep your trees healthy.


Cabling is a process that involves supporting parts of the tree that have a higher potential to fail than normal, with other parts of the tree that are strong. A cable attaches two or more branches to each other to improve the overall strength of the area of concern. Strong cable support ensures that your trees will live longer.

Our crane services are essential for many of the jobs we complete. Our team specializes in the use of bucket trucks and cranes for difficult and dangerous tree removals. If you need an expert to take a look at your trees and assess your current situation, call our professionals today!

To learn more about our tree services in the Westport, Wilton, Darien, New Canaan, & Fairfield, CT areas, contact our arborists today! We look forward to helping your trees.

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